Avon Navigation Trust River Licence

A river licence is a licence required for any craft that is being moored on or using the UK’s waterways.

An Avon Navigation Trust licence must be displayed when using any part of the waters of the River Avon, including marinas, such as Shakespeare Marina, basins and backwaters.

An Avon Navigation Trust licence runs from January to December irrespective of the month your boat will arrive at Shakespeare Marina. However, there is a 50% reduction off of the prompt fee for licences purchased after August 1st due to the ending of the boating season

Before purchasing a river licence, you must ensure that you have boat insurance in place and that you have obtained The Boat Safety Scheme certificate. Once this is in place, you are able to purchase an Avon Navigation Trust licence by following the easy steps below:

  • Visit the website at https://www.avonnavigationtrust.org/licences/
  • Complete the ANT Annual Registration Form and post or email a clear copy of both sides to the Trust Office using one of two payment methods (Card Payment or Online Banking)